Floods destroy homes and property in Aflao

The communities of Duta and Agbawoeme, located near Diamond Cement in Aflao, Volta Region, have been devastated by torrential rains that caused severe flooding.

This unfortunate event has resulted in extensive property damage and the displacement of numerous residents, creating a dire situation for the affected communities.

A reporter residing near the affected areas, expressed deep concern about the alarming conditions in Duta and Agbawoeme.

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She described the devastation she witnessed firsthand, with buildings collapsing and residents losing their essential belongings, such as clothing, cooking utensils, and furniture.

Even school children faced the unfortunate consequence of having their uniforms, school bags, and books swept away by the floods.

The floodwaters have disrupted the daily activities of the affected residents, exacerbating the already challenging situation.

Gabriel Ayitey, the assembly member for the Duta electoral area, attributed the flooding to the overflow of a dam constructed by Diamond Cement.

He revealed that this was not the first time the communities had experienced flooding during the rainy season, but this year’s deluge was unprecedented.

Ayitey stressed the urgent need for the factory management to take immediate action by redirecting the drainage channel to prevent further destruction to property and livelihoods.

Victims of the disaster, including Dabla Moise, Dziwornu Komla Song, and Dabla Enoa, expressed their frustrations to the Ghana News Agency (GNA).

They appealed to the Ketu South directorate of the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) to provide assistance to alleviate their plight.

In response to the situation, Torgbi Alossode Eve Agadzi II, the municipal coordinator of NADMO, acknowledged that his organization had been informed about the incident.

They were actively assessing the situation to determine the appropriate interim support that could be offered to the victims.

Agadzi II explained that NADMO, along with the municipal chief executive, Maxwell Kofi Lugudor, had visited the affected communities to evaluate the extent of the damage and identify ways in which the municipality could provide immediate assistance while working towards finding a permanent solution.

Contrary to the claims made by residents, Tati Rama Rao, the general manager of Diamond Cement Company, refuted the notion that the flooding was a result of their drainage system overflowing.

Rao clarified that the communities were situated in a naturally swampy and low-lying area, which significantly contributed to the flooding after heavy rainfall.

He emphasized that the river passing through the dam and the communities originated from Togo, unrelated to the activities of the factory.

However, Rao assured the public that the company was willing to collaborate with other stakeholders to find a lasting resolution to the problem.

Overall, the devastating floods in Duta and Agbawoeme have caused immense hardship for the affected communities.

The residents have suffered significant property loss, and their daily lives have been severely disrupted.

Efforts from local authorities, such as NADMO, as well as cooperation between the communities and Diamond Cement Company, will be crucial in providing immediate relief to the victims and developing a sustainable solution to mitigate the impact of future floods.

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