Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

Five people die after eating waakye at a popular joint

Five people die after eating waakye at a popular joint

In Accra, five persons have died after eating waakye at a well-known restaurant near the Oyibi Bush Canteen crossroads.

According to an article in the Graphic newspaper, these people experienced major issues as a result of their purchases and meals from the establishment.

The other 40 people who purchased meals from the same restaurant on that specific day were also hospitalized at the Dodowa Hospital and the Valley View Hospital, albeit it is believed that they had food poisoning.

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Two people died as a result of swallowing the contaminated waakye: a pregnant woman and a lotto salesperson.

The waakye vendor, also known as Yellow Sisi, and her family members are additional victims. They were taken to hospitals last Friday after complaining of excruciating stomach aches after eating the food.

There is an investigation going on. The Yellow Sisi Waakye restaurant has since been shut down.

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