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Fans blame De Gea for FA Cup loss.

David de Gea, the goalkeeper for Manchester United, faced heavy criticism following his performance in the FA Cup final against Manchester City.

As the Red Devils conceded a second goal, De Gea was labeled as a “big, big problem” for the team. It was speculated that this could potentially be his final game for the club, adding to the scrutiny of his performance.

During the match at Wembley, Ilkay Gundogan broke the record for the fastest goal in an FA Cup final, scoring City’s opener.

Although Bruno Fernandes equalized for Manchester United, Gundogan quickly restored City’s lead just after halftime. De Gea was unable to prevent the goal, as the ball found the bottom corner despite bouncing twice after being hit on the volley.

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This lackluster response intensified the criticism surrounding De Gea’s abilities.

De Gea’s future at Manchester United remains uncertain, as his current contract is set to expire at the end of the month.

There have been reports suggesting that he is expected to sign an extension following his Premier League Golden Glove win this season.

However, Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher, who was visibly emotional at City’s opening goal, voiced his belief that Manchester United should prioritize finding a new goalkeeper rather than focusing on signing a striker.

Carragher’s sentiments were echoed by other fans, who expressed their frustration with De Gea’s performances in crucial matches.

Some supporters felt that De Gea’s mistakes had cost the team too many trophies. The consensus among certain fans was that the club should not renew De Gea’s contract and instead seek a new goalkeeper.

Despite the criticism, it is worth noting that De Gea did make important saves during the game, including denying Kevin De Bruyne from scoring a third goal by blocking the shot with his feet.

However, Gundogan’s goal in the 51st minute ultimately made the difference as Manchester City emerged as the winners of the 2023 FA Cup.

The defeat further emphasized the need for improvement and potential changes within Manchester United’s squad as they look to compete at the highest level.

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