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Fans angry over rumored Johnny Depp X Rihanna collaboration

Fans angry over rumored Johnny Depp X Rihanna collaboration

Although Johnny Depp recently added a few new roles to his resume, he is also known for his singing, painting, and acting. He may soon make his modeling debut.

According to rumors, the 59-year-old actor will make a brief cameo in the “star” section of Rihanna’s upcoming Savage X Fenty fashion show.

The fashion show, which debuted in 2019, has grown in popularity as a result of the launching of Savage X Fenty’s newest lingerie collection, as well as the inclusion of diverse models and engaging dance acts.

Savage X Fenty Volume 4 will debut on Amazon PrimeVideo on November 9 and according to TMZ, Depp may appear as a surprise guest.

manufacturing sources informed the outlet Depp will be the first guy to front one of the show’s “star” ads, which had previously featured Cindy Crawford, despite not walking the catwalk.

Depp wouldn’t be the first famous person to appear in the program; prior appearances have included Lourdes, the daughter of Madonna, and Gigi Hadid, among other well-known Hollywood stars. He could be the show’s most contentious celebrity, though.


Fans have already expressed their opinions on the rumors on Twitter, with one writing: “Rihanna can’t be serious?” “Jonathan Depp is the one that appeals to you the most among all these attractive and trouble-free men in Hollywood,” she said.

Another wrote on Twitter: “It’s so, so f***ing odd that Rihanna invited Johnny Depp to her show. She’s continuing the trend, which is unfortunate because there isn’t a single millionaire on the earth who has decency.

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The streaming service said in a news release that this year’s show “blends Emmy award-winning choreography, style, and music with the hypnotic essence of nocturnal nature.” Amazon Prime Video and Rihanna have not yet responded on the rumors.

The show is a must-see visual feast with a star-studded ensemble donning the newest Savage X Fenty designs.


Depp recently completed a tour with his friend and fellow musician Jeff Beck, and there have been rumors that Johnny may return to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise as Captain Jack Sparrow after being fired from the series due to his protracted legal disputes with his ex-wife Amber Heard.

After being fired from the sixth Pirates movie, the actor declared that he would never again collaborate with the Disney filmmakers.

Heard, 36, published an opinion piece in the Washington Post newspaper in 2018 that, despite the fact that it did not specifically mention him by name, he claims painted him as a domestic abuser. According to his legal team, this cost him a US$22 million (NZ$38.1m) payout.

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