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Elon Musk overtakes Obama to become the Twitter user with the most followers

Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, has the most followers right now. With 133.08 million followers to Obama’s 133.04 million this week, Musk eclipsed Obama as the most followed Twitter person. Following the Super Bowl on February 12, the Twitter CEO instructed business developers to create a unique mechanism that enhances his tweets.

Insiders claim that Musk requested a revision after President Joe Biden’s tweet about the Super Bowl garnered more impressions than Musk’s Super Bowl-related tweet.

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The billionaire threatened to dismiss his tech team if they did not resolve the engagement problem and then removed his “flopped” tweet.

Since then, Musk’s Twitter following has grown, and as of this writing, he has 133,089,608 followers compared to Obama’s 133,042,468. According to statistics cited previously by The Verge, Obama’s follower count has interestingly decreased in the last few hours while Musk’s is continuously rising.

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