Efya bids to break world longest song record

With 100 hours completed, Nigerian cook Hilda broke the previous record held by Indian chef Lata Tondon in 2019. Discussions over the news have taken place all across the world, but especially in Nigeria and Ghana.

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Efya thinks that by singing, she can help Ghana achieve its record-breaking goals. As she explains that it won’t require her to sing nonstop while standing, she imagines writing the longest song ever to be recorded.

The singer takes her cue from Hilda and thinks she could sing for days or hold a note for a long time.


“If I can break a record, it will be for the longest song. Sometimes you can do the longest song recorded. I don’t have to be on my feet singing continuously. I could sing for a couple of days; I could hold a note for long. These dirges we have in Ghana are an example, we have 15 minutes of such songs. I could sing for 30 hours if I want to break the record. Hilda recorded 100 hours because she was cooking,” she told Abeiku Santana.


The Ghanaian neo-soul singer said the only challenge, perhaps, is she might not be allowed to recruit other people to participate in it.

“The challenge is that you might have to be the only one to sing. Maybe we might not be allowed to tag other people in it because it will seem easy and another country can beat us easily over it,” she added.

Despite this potential hurdle, Efya remains determined to break the record and bring pride to Ghana through her musical feat.

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