EduWatch calls for cap on Ghana Teacher Licensure Exam resits

Education Think Tank, Africa Education Watch, has emphasized the need for a cap on the number of times candidates can retake the Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination.

This recommendation follows the disclosure by the National Teaching Council that a significant number of candidates who failed the 2023 resit examination had attempted the exam on nine previous occasions.

The Executive Director for Africa Education Watch, Kofi Asare, commended the licensure examination as a crucial mechanism for enhancing professional teaching standards and ensuring that only competent teachers are allowed to teach.

Asare proposed a maximum limit of three resit attempts to strike a balance between providing opportunities for improvement and maintaining the integrity of the licensing process.

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Acknowledging the persistent failure rates over the years, the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) echoed the call for a comprehensive stakeholder dialogue.

GNAT emphasized the importance of identifying the underlying issues leading to the annual increase in failure rates and collaboratively proposing effective solutions.

They stressed the need for all relevant regulatory bodies and education stakeholders to come together to address the challenges comprehensively.

The goal is to create a conducive environment for aspiring teachers to acquire the necessary competencies and qualifications, ultimately ensuring quality education for Ghanaian students.

The call for a cap on retake attempts and the demand for a national dialogue reflect the shared concern among education experts and stakeholders regarding the persistence of high failure rates in the licensure examination.

Both Africa Education Watch and GNAT are committed to improving the teaching profession and safeguarding the quality of education in Ghana.

By introducing measures that balance support and accountability, it is hoped that the licensure examination process will be strengthened, ensuring that only suitably qualified and competent teachers enter the profession.

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