Edem Cries Out After Political Experiment

The National Democratic Congress’ (NDC) colors and logo were used on a poster of Ghanaian rapper Denning Edem Hotor, better known as Edem, before he did the same for the New Patriotic Party (NPP). Informing Ghainaans of his actions, he questioned whether the media independently confirms the information posted on celebrities’ or organizations’ official social media accounts before using it as the basis for news stories. “Are Ghanaians tolerant of opposing political viewpoints, and do media outlets confirm the accuracy of information before making it news?

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Do people find it exciting that more young people are pursuing political careers?

“How do members of various political parties respond to one another?

Do people’s political opinions affect the way they act, think, or make decisions?

Do intolerance, bias, and prejudice affect individuals and their interactions with others who have different political views?“FUN OPINION   Followers of both Parties should use the same energy to support creatives on social media and Both Parties are invited to #Edemfest23   I need same energy for my upcoming songs   Those wey unfollow me on party line, Abeg Follow back   I LOVE YOU ALL.”

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