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ECG urges customers to download PowerApp to pay bills

The Operation Zero initiative began on July 11th and is expected to continue for two months. Its main goal is to address arrears in electricity consumption by all customers.

During this exercise, the power company is no longer accepting cash payments at its offices, and staff members are prohibited from accepting cash payments while on duty.

The operation is being conducted across all 11 districts of the ECG in the Volta and Oti Regions.

Unlike previous exercises, Operation Zero targets both existing customers within the ECG system and those consuming power illegally outside the ECG system.

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Under the Li 2413 regulation, the company has the authority to charge customers for twelve months’ worth of bills in such cases.

However, as part of Operation Zero, the company has granted a moratorium, allowing customers with outstanding bills, those with direct connections, faulty meters, or illegal meters like “Foreign meters” to visit the ECG Office and regularize their electricity supply without facing surcharges.

Furthermore, some companies have already been disconnected for non-payment of their bills during this exercise.

Jatoe-Kaleo also mentioned that as part of Operation Zero, the company has identified and dealt with illegal connections, with Ho Parks and Gardens being among those caught in the act.

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