Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA)

DVLA Sensitises Commercial Drivers On Road Safety

In order to lessen traffic accidents, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) has recommended drivers to rigorously abide by traffic laws. Richard Kwesi Eyiah, the DVLA’s National Coordinator for Compliance and Enforcement, claimed that the majority of traffic accidents were caused by drivers who disregarded traffic laws. Mr. Eyiah urged the public to be ambassadors of road safety at a sensitization event in Kasoa at the Liberia Camp taxi and bus terminal in order to stop the recent uptick in traffic accidents and the resulting injuries and fatalities.

The program was a component of the DVLA’s initiative to spread road safety awareness to local stakeholders in an effort to increase adherence to traffic laws. Topics discussed included the maintenance of vehicles and drivers’ health and safety. Roadworthy Mr Eyiah advised the drivers to renew their roadworthy certificates at least one month before they expired.“The drivers are now aware that they do not have to wait until their roadworthy has expired before renewing it, and we are very excited about educating them.

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The effectiveness of a car’s brakes on the road, the condition of its tires, and its lighting system are all crucial, he emphasized. He urged everyone to refrain from driving with an expired license and advised them to renew their licenses at least every two years and acquire a replacement every six years to avoid running afoul of the law.

He also warned that driving without a license was risky. Furthermore, Mr. Eyiah cautioned against using tinted glasses in business cars. Concerns Mr. Eyiah noticed that the main issues that the drivers had were terrible roads, a lack of lamps, worn-out road markings, and a lack of road signs. These facts are essential, and if our drivers are aware of them, he continued, “we will have good drivers on the road.” He assured the drivers that the government will consider their worries when developing laws and other measures to increase traffic safety.

For the benefit of these drivers and the nation as a whole, a cab driver named Evans Donkoh urged that the DVLA work to control those issues. He argued that the DVLA assisted drivers in easily obtaining and renewing their licenses without paying exorbitant fees. I paid an obscene sum of money to receive my driver’s license.

Most drivers are now hesitant to obtain licenses as a result. Now that we have received education, we are aware of the proper procedures to follow in order to complete tasks correctly, and we are appreciative,” he stated.

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