Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

DVLA releases rules for vehicle registration in 2023

DVLA releases rules for vehicle registration in 2023

Vehicle owners must follow rules that have been announced by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) in order to register their vehicles in the upcoming year.

The DVLA claimed this is in conformity with the Road Traffic Regulations, 2012 in a statement released on Saturday (L.1 2180).

The new procedure, it claimed, will aid in alleviating the customary overcrowding at its registration centers.

This registration term would start on January 3, 2023, according to the DVLA.

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Therefore, the Authority provided the following compliance steps:

STAGE 1 (To be initiated from December 12, 2022 onwards)

  • Present vehicle at any authorised Vehicle Testing Station for equipment-based testing.
  • Present vehicle at any DVLA registration centre for Customs checks and clearance, vehicle inspection and validation of documents.
  • DVLA officials will generate an invoice for the service being requested.

STAGE 2 (To be completed from January 3, 2023)

a. Make payment by cash or other electronic means including Visa Card at your preferred registration centre

b. Capture biometric details at the DVLA registration centre

c. Collect registration documents (Certificate of Title, Vehicle Registration Biometric Card, Vehicle Roadworthiness Certificate), License plate(s) and other ancillary items to complete the process.

“Only original copies of all customs and other supporting documents should be used. The main document is the National Identity Card (Ghana Card). All individuals who are legally permitted to act for and on behalf of the car owner must show a Power of Attorney and their National ID for verification, according to the statement.

In order to prevent fraud, the DVLA advised the general public to avoid working with unlicensed individuals, particularly middlemen referred to as “Goro Boys.”

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