Dormaa East police arrested 14 “illegal miners”

In three communities in the Dormaa East District of the Bono Region, a joint security operation resulted in the detention of at least 14 illegal miners.

Personnel from the Dormaa East District Police Command, NADMO, National Investigation Bureau (NIB), and local assembly members participated in the three-day operation that resulted in the arrest of the accused.

The guys are thought to have utilized a water pumping machine, four shovels, two pickaxes, six washing mats, one black plastic basin, a metal bucket filled with sand and water, three cutlasses, and a pair of Wellington boots as part of their illicit activities.

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Some of the suspects were actively engaged in illegal mining near the Supre and Apampramu Rivers in the area at the time of their arrest, according to the police.


Emmanuel Kofi Agyemang, the DCE for Dormaa East, stated that the security services are eager to stop the illegal mining in the region.

He said, “We have started a ‘Operation End Galamsey Now’ to combat illegal mining in the region. “We will make sure that all illicit mining has been eliminated from the district by the end of November.

There will be action against everyone in the district who participated in the act.


He said no one will be limited if grabbed in the act.

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