Do not Pay For Schools Selection Process, It Is Free – GES

The Ghana Education Service (GES) Management has said that no money is collected throughout the school selection process, making it completely free.

The assurance is based on the practice of some basic school principals who collect money from the current class of junior high school (JHS) students who return to their old schools to choose senior high schools (SHSs) for placement.

According to a statement by the GES, “Some of the money being collected is allegedly being used to settle Parent Teacher Association (PTA) dues/levies arrears, clear students in their final year of study, and organize extra lessons.”

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The GES reaffirmed that there should be no costs associated with the school selection process for parents, head teachers, or other stakeholders.

“Management wants to remind everyone involved that the collections are unauthorized or illegal. No levy or price should be associated with the school choosing activity because it is completely free, it stated.

Any head teacher or instructor who has made such “illegal collections” has been ordered by the GES to “refund promptly to the parents.”

District directors were also instructed to “examine all of these complaints and submit reports with consequences applicable to regional directors,” according to the directive.

According to the GES, “Any such request shall be referred to the Regional/District Education for remedy.”

The process for candidates, parents, and guardians to choose schools started on Monday, October 31, and is anticipated to end on Friday, November 18, 2022.

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