Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

Court fines Jerome Boateng €1.2 million for assaulting ex-girlfriend

Court fines Jerome Boateng €1.2 million for assaulting ex-girlfriend

At his appeal trial in Munich, the former international and World Cup champion Jerome Boateng was found guilty of assault, violence, and insult.

Following the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the footballer was charged with abusing his fiancée while they were on vacation in the Caribbean.

The football player’s ex-girlfriend claimed that he punched her during a fight, briefly knocking her out of breath. The court declared on Wednesday that it thought this assertion was true.

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“To the court’s conviction, the accused injured the co-accused during an altercation while on vacation in the Caribbean by hurling a cooler bag in their way.

The co-accuser suffered an eye injury from the accused during a physical altercation this evening, and additional injuries were also caused by the accused. In these cases, the co-accuser was also insulted, according to the court’s decision.

At his initial trial in September 2021, he had been penalized with a fine of €1.8 million. The court was asked by the prosecution to impose an 18-month sentence with a suspended prison term.

The €1.2 million fine will be used to fund organizations that aid female victims of assault.

German Jerome Boateng, who was born in Ghana, had refuted the accusations.

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