Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

Comments on Harold Amenyah’s Marriage

Comments on Harold Amenyah’s Marriage

On April 1, 2023, Ghanaian actor and TV host Harold Amenyah got married.

At a private ceremony in Peduase, Harold, 33, marries his longtime fiancée, Irene Owusu, in front of family and friends.

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The actor’s bright kente cloth attire complemented his bride’s exquisitely designed suit.

Kojo Soboh, Caroline Sampson, and other professionals from the field were present to show their support for the newlyweds.

The actor and his wife have received a flood of congratulations from social media users.

Despite the congratulatory message there are other backlashes from our very own bongo ideas saying “ I expected the handsome Harold Amenyah to have a better taste than this tbvh. Maybe she’s rich cos, even with the make up, her looks do not match with his in the least. Offside!”


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