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Chief and two others were killed due to a land dispute.

Chief and two others were killed due to a land dispute.

A repeated land dispute resulted in the murder of the chief of Borea Ahenfie, a farming hamlet in the Krachi Nchumuru District of the Oti Region, along with two other people, including his son.

Locals speculate that the murder may have been sparked by a protracted land dispute between the residents of Bakando, a farming community in the Krachi Nchumuru area of the Oti region, and the Borea Ahenfie Chief.

When the joint military and police were dispatched to the community after learning of the chief’s disappearance, Nana Kwame Mebo ll, the Chief of Borea Ahenfie who also serves as the Nifahene for Chonkey Traditional Area was found dead on his farm.

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The chief had arranged for several community members to work together as a group to harvest yam mice during the time of the chief’s disappearance because it was a seasonal task.

The police and military were called in as a result of reports of gunshots coming from the bushes they were clearing.

The chief, his son, and his linguist’s dead bodies were found in different places after searching.

Eyewitnesses said to Odehyeba Owusu Job of Adom News that the group dragged the victims before killing them after ambushing and overpowering them.

After the murder, the thugs assaulted the neighborhood, burned other neighbors’ stuff, and destroyed 16 homes.

In the interim, the deceased’s bodies have been placed in the morgue of the Krachi Municipal Hospital pending an autopsy.


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