Bongo Ideas

Check Charges: Bongo Ideas Has Been Sued

According to documents obtained by Ghreact, Kojo Forex‘s legal team has sent a “Notice to retract, apologise, cease and desist publication of defamatory statements” to Bongo Ideas regarding their client.

The notice claims that Bongo Ideas’ statements are “untrue and without merit whatsoever” and have caused significant damage to Kojo Forex’s reputation.

The lawyers have demanded that Bongo Ideas retract the statements and immediately stop making any false or defamatory statements about their client.

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If Bongo Ideas fails to comply within 24 hours, legal action will be taken.

Bongo Ideas had previously accused Kojo Forex on Twitter of fraudulent activities and involvement in a Ponzi scheme, among other dishonest business dealings.

As of now, Bongo Ideas has not responded to the legal notice.

Read full copies of the summons below:

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