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Bullgod sues Shatta Wale for defamation

Bullgod sues Shatta Wale for defamation

Dancehall musician Shatta Wale has been sued by Lawrence Nana Asiamah Hanson, also known as Bulldog, his former manager.

After the musician threatened to reveal his purported secret regarding the passing of late artist manager, Fennec Okyere, Bullgod filed a defamation lawsuit against Shatta Wale.


The “My Level” singer wrote, “Bull Dog, since you are bringing out secrets, you will tell Ghanaians what happened to Fenicks (sic) Murder!!” in a social media post on Wednesday, November 2. And this time, I’m not joking! ”

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“Get ready, I’m going to tell the court everything you told me about you and your men, even how you plotted that stupid deed. You won’t get an opportunity to be a killer (sic) on our streets because of this Akufo-Addo! Watch how this ends!!! You can’t fight time!!!”

Bullgod sues Shatta Wale for defamation

Bullgod’s attorneys stated in court filings submitted to an Accra High Court that these statements aim to imply that he planned, carried out, or assisted in Mr. Okyere’s death.

Bullgod sues Shatta Wale for defamation

In addition, they stated that Shatta Wale’s allegations implied “that the Plaintiff is a criminal gangster and a risk to society and deserves to be in jail (rather than walk freely in the streets)”

Furthermore, “that the public and law enforcement authorities should take his (the Defendant’s) assertions in the publication seriously”

Bullgod sues Shatta Wale for defamation

They said that the police have begun a new inquiry into the death of Mr. Okyere as a result of these statements.

Bulldog’s team, however, is adamant that these claims are untrue, nasty, and only serve to tarnish the artiste management.


Additionally, the attorneys listed additional statements made by Shatta Wale that they also consider to be defamatory.

They include assertions that Bulldog had reportedly stated that former President Mahama had ordered him to get gun men and ladies for him as well as women for a fictitious job.

The plaintiff is a person who “engages in illicit gun violence, contract killing and other related crimes,” according to the plaintiff’s attorneys. They also claim that the plaintiff is “in the trade of procuring, controlling and arranging prostitutes in exchange for money and other material gains.”

Bulldog is therefore asking the court to rule that these claims, along with others cited in the lawsuit, are false and malicious.

Additionally, he is pleading with the court to order Shatta Wale to retract his claims and offer an apology to him.

The ‘Ayoo’ hitmaker must apologize, according to Bulldog, “on all his social media pages or accounts, make a publication on seven consecutive days,” with the additional requirement that “such retraction and apology to be verified and accepted by the Plaintiff’s lawyers.”

Additionally, he is asking for a permanent injunction to stop Shatta Wale from making any negative remarks about him public.

Bulldog is requesting, among other things, “costs, any additional orders or remedies that the Court may find proper, general damages for defamation, specific damages for defamation, punitive damages for deliberate dissemination of lie against the plaintiff.”


This comes after Shatta Wale over a week ago vowed to spill a secret Bulldog revealed to him regarding the murder of the artist manager.

The warning was in response to the list of artists who will be on the songs on Shatta Wale’s upcoming album, “Gift of God,” (GOG), which was leaked by Bulldog.

The “Ayoo” singer declared that he is prepared to testify in any court over what Bulldog informed him regarding the killing of Fennec Okyere.

Kwaw Kese, whose career Fennec Okyere oversaw before he passed away in 2014, took notice of this.

Sharing a screenshot of Shatta Wale’s post, he urged the police to bring his former manager to justice.

Later, the Police issued a statement stating that they were in contact with Shatta Wale and wanted to obtain pertinent information to aid in the capture of the offender.

Fennec Okyere’s death

Fennec Okyere, who was the manager of Kwaw Kese, was murdered at his Manet Gardens residence on the Spintex Road, Accra on Thursday, March 13, 2014 by unknown assailants. He died at age 31.

Following his death, Bulldog, born Lawrence Nana Asiama Hanson, was picked up by the Police Criminal Investigative Department (CID).

He was arrested at Kokomlemle, a suburb of Accra, as a suspect in the death of Fennec Okyere.

This was because Bulldog who had regular beefs with Fennec Okyere, had supposedly threatened him in an interview on radio.

The Attorney-General (AG), Gloria Akuffo says the state is no longer interested in prosecuting Lawrence Nana Asiama Hanson, aka Bulldog, over the alleged murder of Fennec Okyere.

While on the Police charge sheet Bulldog was to face the charge of conspiracy to commit murder, his plea was not taken.

In 2017, the Bullhaus Entertainment CEO was freed from the charges in relation with the alleged murder, with then Attorney-General, Gloria Akuffo saying the state was no longer interested in prosecuting Bulldog over the alleged murder of Fennec Okyere.

Bulldog has said his verbal attacks on the late Fennec Okyere in the media were planned to uplift their brand as artiste managers.

This was contained in the A-G’s advice on the case docket. Kwaw Kese registered his unhappiness about the development.

“Even the prosecutors were not going to court. I believe our security system is very weak,” a very disappointed Kwaw Kese told Lexis Bill in an interview on Behind the Fame on Drive Time on Joy FM in 2018.

But, Bulldog has consistently maintained that he is innocent, thus had no hand in the passing of Fennec Okyere.

According to him, the jabs they threw at each other were aimed at promoting their artistes and also to remain relevant as managers.

In a 2022 interview on Hitz FM, Bulldog maintained his innocence adding that he never threatened Fennec Okyere, despite their disagreements.

Meanwhile, Shatta Wale is expected to respond to the suit eight days after he has been served.

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