Bui Sugar Limited

Bui Sugar Limited to employ over 6,000 people

In accordance with the idea, BPA has given Bui Sugar Limited a total of 13,000 acres of land for the establishment of a sugarcane plantation that will supply the facility once it is operational.

The Bui Sugar Limited’s managing director, Wan Wei Hua, shed some light on the company’s operations by explaining that the manufacturing block’s actual construction will start in June of this year.

He clarified that the company’s present priorities were the provision of sufficient raw materials and the setup for the building of the manufacturing block.

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500 locals, according to Mr. Hua, are currently working in the sugarcane plantation’s cultivation, and by the time the factory opens, another 1000 will have been hired.

Mr. Dzamesi, for his part, outlined how BPA’s contract with Bui Sugar Limited was made possible by the Act that constituted the authority and allowed it to do so in March 2022.

Mr. Dzamesi clarified that “The deal we have with them is on equity” when asked how much money BPA will make from the sugar factory.

Owusu-Banahene continued by saying that the success of the sugar plant project demonstrated the potential of the government’s 1D1F program to enhance the socioeconomic conditions of the populace. He urged Ghanaians to support the initiative.

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