Bolt launches new audio trip recording safety feature for riders and drivers in Ghana

Bolt, the ride-hailing platform, is introducing a new safety feature in its app to enhance the security of its users.

The new feature allows both drivers and riders to activate an audio recording of their trip if they ever feel uncomfortable during a ride.

This recording can be reported to Bolt’s Customer Support team for further investigation.

The implementation of this feature is part of Bolt’s ongoing commitment to investing in upgrades to safety features on its platform.

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Safety remains a top priority for the company, and they continuously work on developing new products and features to ensure a secure experience for all users.

The audio trip recording is the latest addition to Bolt’s in-app safety toolkit, which already includes various rider and driver safety features.

These features consist of identity verification for drivers during registration and continuous use of selfie AI technology, as well as trip sharing for riders, allowing real-time location sharing with friends and family.

David Nikoi, the Country Manager of Bolt in Ghana, emphasized the company’s efforts to raise awareness of these safety features among riders and drivers.

Regular in-app communications are issued to inform users about the available safety tools, empowering them to take advantage of these measures to ensure their safety while using the platform.

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