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Black Sherif has been arrested at the Kotoka International Airport

Ghanaian musician Black Sherif has reportedly been arrested at Kotoka International Airport, as per news initially shared by celebrity blogger GhHper on their social media accounts.

Around 6 pm, GhHper posted on their Instagram account, stating, “Breaking News: ‘Black Sherif Arrested At KIA. Details of His Arrest Coming Up Shortly.'”

However, as of an hour later, GhHper had not yet provided any further details regarding the circumstances surrounding Black Sherif’s arrest. Readers can expect more information to be released soon as the situation unfolds.

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Additionally, Ghreact, a news publishing website from Ghana, covered the story as well. They mentioned that there were accusations against Black Sherif, suggesting that he sold his soul to the devil due to his use of the Baphomet sign projection, a symbol often associated with occultism.

Please note that the situation is still developing, and more updates may be released by various news outlets as more information becomes available.

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