Beyond Music: Empowering Global Change Through Music

Beyond Music: Empowering Global Change Through Music

Beyond Music, a trailblazing NGO founded in 2018 by the Swiss Beyond Foundation with the support of Tina Turner, is gearing up for its latest venture: Vol.4 ‘Songs for Social Change.’ This ambitious project seeks to amplify the transformative power of music in addressing pressing global issues.

Empowering Artists Worldwide: Beyond Music’s Vision and Mission

With a vision to empower artists worldwide in igniting social change through music, Beyond Music serves as a premium online platform for professional artists from diverse backgrounds to collaborate. The organization leverages the combined forces of music, technology, and community to catalyze significant social transformation. Its mission revolves around bringing together artists from all corners of the globe, fostering collaboration that promotes intercultural understanding, compassion, and allyship through innovative musical expressions.

Global Impact through Previous Projects

Beyond Music boasts an impressive track record, having successfully completed three project rounds with 443 collaborations spanning 171 countries. These efforts resulted in three impactful albums addressing pressing global issues. In pursuit of their mission, Beyond Music has awarded over $320,000 in prize money, uniting high-quality producers and artists to create meaningful songs about current matters.

Vol.4: ‘Songs for Social Change’ – A Collaborative Global Effort

In their latest album project, Vol.4 ‘Songs for Social Change,’ Beyond Music has assembled a formidable team of three award-winning stars: “African Legend” and 5-time Grammy Award winner Angélique Kidjo, Afrobeats star Pheelz, and Ghanaian pop sensation Wiyaala. These artists will serve as ambassadors, inspiring action through the powerful combination of music and artistry.

Opportunity for Artists Worldwide

Beyond Music invites artists from around the world to be a part of this groundbreaking project. Through an open call for submissions, three artist teams will be selected to work with the guest artists in the studio, creating music that has the potential to reshape the world. All expenses are covered, and the opportunity to feature in a music video alongside these stars awaits the chosen teams. The produced songs will be entered into the new Grammy category “Best Song for Social Change.”

Global Promotion and Impact

With a substantial marketing budget, Beyond Music aims to globally promote both the album and the selected singles. The Top 3 winning songs will be featured on the Beyond Music album Vol.4, ensuring that these impactful messages are heard loud and clear on a global scale.

Join Beyond Music Today

If you are an artist passionate about making a difference through your music, Beyond Music invites you to join this unique opportunity. Experience the power of collaboration, innovation, and social impact. Apply to join Beyond Music and be a part of the movement to create positive change through the universal language of music.

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