‘Best news ever’ – Hilda Baci reacts to Guinness World Records confirmation

Nigerian chef Hilda Baci recently achieved a remarkable feat by setting a new Guinness World Record for the longest cook-a-thon by an individual.

This accomplishment was officially confirmed by Guinness World Records on June 13, cementing Hilda’s position as the new record holder.

The news of her achievement spread quickly, and a video capturing her jubilation was shared on Olorisupergal’s Instagram page, showcasing her excitement and pride.

However, a subsequent announcement from Guinness World Records revealed that there had been a slight adjustment to Hilda’s record.

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It was discovered that during the course of her marathon cooking session, she had mistakenly taken additional minutes for one of her designated rest breaks early on in the attempt.

As a result, the record body decided to deduct seven hours from Hilda’s original recorded time of 100 hours, revising her official record to 93 hours and 11 minutes.

Despite this adjustment, Hilda’s achievement remains incredibly impressive. Enduring a cooking marathon of such magnitude requires not only exceptional culinary skills but also an extraordinary level of determination, stamina, and dedication.

The recognition of her accomplishment by Guinness World Records solidifies her place in culinary history, inspiring others in the industry and beyond.

Hilda’s feat serves as a testament to the passion and talent that exists within the Nigerian culinary scene.

Her achievement has garnered significant attention, both locally and internationally, shining a spotlight on the rich culinary traditions and innovative cooking techniques from Nigeria.

It is undoubtedly a proud moment for Hilda, as well as for the culinary community in Nigeria.

As news of Hilda’s record-breaking achievement continues to spread, it is expected to motivate aspiring chefs and individuals who are passionate about their craft. Setting and breaking records not only pushes the boundaries of what is deemed possible but also serves as an inspiration for others to pursue their own dreams and strive for greatness in their chosen fields.

With her determination, skill, and resilience, Hilda Baci has left an indelible mark on the culinary world. Her record-breaking cook-a-thon stands as a testament to her culinary prowess and unwavering commitment. As she continues her culinary journey, it is evident that Hilda will remain a source of inspiration and admiration for aspiring chefs and cooking enthusiasts alike.

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