Bank of Ghana warns against cedi bouquets, hampers

According to the statement, the money was created to be used as a form of payment for the purchase of goods and services.

The central bank’s Director of the Currency Department, Mr.Dominic Owusu, speaking to press today (March 30, 2023) said that any more uses of the currency were prohibited and could result in legal action.

The trend of utilizing cedi notes as bouquets and gift baskets for weddings, birthdays, and other events, he claimed the bank had discovered, must be halted.

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Beside being wrong, he claimed that such behavior made it simpler for the notes to deteriorate or be altered.

He claimed that such actions have an impact on the central bank’s operations since damaged and worn-out notes must be replaced at a cost.

According to him, the local currency is a powerful representation of the nation, and everyone should prioritize efforts to maintain its high standards and cleanliness.

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