Asantewaa Exposes Hajia Bintu Over Social Media Fake Life – Claims She Is Hungry In Real Life

During a live session, Hajia Bintu, a popular Tiktok star and social media influencer from Ghana, narrowly avoided being hit by a stray bullet fired by her colleague, Asantewaa.

Asantewaa had accused Hajia Bintu of leading a fake life on social media, claiming that many of her colleagues who flaunt cars and expensive possessions are actually struggling financially in real life.

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According to Asantewaa, fans are often the ones who are truly successful, while some famous Tiktokers are merely pretending.

Asantewaa’s remarks, particularly the mention of the stray bullet, have generated controversy on social media, with many people calling out Hajia Bintu for allegedly lying about buying a Mercedes Benz with her own money.


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