Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

Angry man stabs his girlfriend 19 times for cheating.

Angry man stabs his girlfriend 19 times for cheating.

In a country like South Africa where the issue of gender-based violence is not taken seriously, being unfaithful to a partner in a committed relationship is never a good thing for anyone.

This is especially true for female partners. South Africans didn’t hold back while posting their opinions on social media in response to a terrible case of gender-based discrimination. Watch their remarks down below.

Following their breakup, the man in the picture above viciously stabbed the woman 19 times. The man claimed that he had paid for her schooling and did not want her to leave him for another.

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I can understand the man’s suffering, even though I don’t support his aggressive behavior. It takes a substantial financial commitment to support someone through their school, and losing that commitment can be disastrous.

Let’s face it: depending on your boyfriend or girlfriend to pay for your school is unfair. Parents, not romantic partners, are tasked with assisting their children in pursuing an education.

Unfortunately, when this woman manipulated her partner for financial benefit, he didn’t take it well. This explains why most women who leave a relationship violently die.

It’s critical to recognize that she contributed to the problem even if she might be perceived as the victim in this instance. Women who misuse men’s financial aid for their schooling endanger both their own relationships and those of the people who have supported them.

If a woman has no intention of marrying a man, she should not accept his financial support. She should be honest about her intentions and avoid putting herself in dangerous situations.

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