Anas must testify without facemask in chambers – An Accra High Court rules

In a recent ruling, it has been mandated that Anas, the undercover journalist, must appear in open court when providing testimony in the criminal case against him.

This decision overturns a previous ruling that allowed him to testify in camera, meaning his face would be concealed from public view.

The case revolves around Kwasi Nyantakyi, the former President of the Ghana Football Association, who was implicated in Anas’ investigative work known as the ‘Number 12’ exposé.

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This exposé captured Nyantakyi allegedly accepting cash gifts and engaging in influence peddling.

The revelations from the ‘Number 12’ exposé resulted in Nyantakyi’s resignation as President of the Ghana Football Association, as well as his removal from positions within FIFA and the Confederation of African Football (CAF).

In response to his involvement, FIFA imposed a lifetime ban on Nyantakyi and fined him 500,000 Swiss Francs.

However, following an appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), the ban was reduced to 15 years. Despite the reduction, Nyantakyi’s reputation remains severely tarnished due to the damaging nature of the exposé.

In another legal development related to Anas, he filed a defamation lawsuit against Kennedy Agyapong, a Member of Parliament representing Assin Central. Agyapong had aired a documentary titled “Who watches the watchman,” in which he accused Anas of corruption, blackmail, and extortion.

However, Agyapong emerged victorious in the legal battle and was awarded damages of GHc50,000. This further added to the complexity and controversy surrounding Anas’ work and public perception.

Anas, the undercover journalist, is now required to testify openly in court in the criminal case against him.

Nyantakyi, the former President of the Ghana Football Association, faced severe consequences and a reduced ban as a result of his involvement in the ‘Number 12’ exposé. Additionally, Agyapong, a Member of Parliament, won a defamation lawsuit against Anas, leading to damages being awarded to him.

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