Akyemansa DCE Burns Galamsey Equipment

Akyemansa DCE Burns Galamsey Equipment

On Tuesday, Paul Asamoah, the district chief executive for the Akyemansa Assembly in the Eastern Region, organized a combined Security Taskforce to raid several illegal mining operations in his authority.

After beginning their operations at the mining sites, the DCE, who serves as the Chairman of DISEC, and the District Police Commander, Superintendent George Bawa, made arrests and burned twenty (20) chanfang machines and other items used by the galamseyers on the Pra River in one community called Amantia.

According to reports, the illegal miners left the area after receiving information that the Anti-Galamsey Taskforce was approaching the location.

After the operation, the DCE stated that his organization had made repeated attempts to stop the illegal miners’ activities on the Pra River in the district where they shared a border with the Ashanti Region, but the illegal miners continued to ignore his orders.

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He claims that he led the squad to seize and burn the equipment to save the situation and stop the obliteration of the water bodies.

When the District Anti-Galamsey Taskforce decided to conduct operations in the galamsey sites, the ‘Okada’ riders promptly sped off to inform the illegal miners, he said, adding that by the time the taskforce team arrived at the mining sites, the illegal miners had fled.

He also disclosed that certain property owners in the Pra River area, the majority of whom were foreigners from nearby nations, rented their homes to illegal miners.

He issued a warning to the landlords to stop renting out their properties to the illegal miners as a result.

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