Air New Zealand weighing passengers before flying

Air New Zealand, the national carrier of the country, has recently introduced a new measure to weigh passengers before they board international flights.

The initiative aims to gather data on average passenger weight, which the airline believes will contribute to improving fuel efficiency in the future.

While the weight information will be recorded in a database, the anonymity of the passengers will be maintained, as it will not be visible to airline staff or fellow travelers.

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The airline emphasizes that participation in the survey is voluntary, and passengers are not obliged to take part if they do not wish to.

This approach is in line with respecting individual privacy and ensuring that passengers feel comfortable throughout their travel experience.

This is not the first time Air New Zealand has conducted such a survey. In 2021, the airline weighed domestic passengers in New Zealand, and now, with international travel resuming, they are extending the practice to international flyers.

The decision to weigh passengers stems from the airline’s commitment to understanding the weight dynamics of its flights accurately.

Alastair James, a spokesperson for Air New Zealand, explained in a video that knowing the weight of everything that goes on the aircraft is a regulatory requirement.

By gathering data on passenger weights, the airline can better calculate the total weight of the aircraft, including cargo, meals, luggage, and passengers.

This information allows them to ensure that the aircraft operates within safe limits and optimizes fuel consumption.

To address any concerns passengers may have about privacy or discomfort, the airline reassures customers that there will be no visible display of the weight measurements.

They aim to create a seamless and non-intrusive process that prioritizes customer satisfaction and safety.

Air New Zealand plans to invite more than 10,000 customers traveling on its international network to participate in the survey.

The weighing process will occur at the gates of selected flights departing from Auckland International Airport during the designated period between May 29 and July 2.

By including a diverse range of passengers in the survey, the airline aims to obtain a comprehensive understanding of average passenger weight.

In the past, Air New Zealand relied on average weights based on survey data for customers, crew, and cabin bags.

However, this new initiative allows for more accurate and up-to-date information to be collected, contributing to the airline’s commitment to safe and efficient flying.

With a fleet of 104 operating aircraft and a pre-pandemic record of flying over 17 million passengers annually on 3,400 weekly flights, Air New Zealand acknowledges the importance of continuously evaluating and optimizing its operations.

The weighing survey is just one of the measures the airline is taking to ensure it meets regulatory requirements and enhances its overall performance while prioritizing the comfort and privacy of its valued customers.

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