Nana Agradaa

Agradaa is custody, unable to meet bail conditions

Agradaa is custody, unable to meet bail conditions

Patricia Asiedua, popularily known as Nana Agradaa, is the founder and leader of the Heaven Way Champion International Ministry in Weija in Accra. Her attorneys are requesting that the court modify the terms of their client’s bail.
This was due to the accused’s struggles to obtain civil servants making at least GH2,000 per month to serve as sureties.

When the case was called yesterday, her attorney, Paul Abariga, pleaded with the judge to exercise additional discretion and relax the bail requirements so that his client could obtain sureties for her release. He explained that it would take time to secure civil servant sureties, and the accused was having trouble fulfilling the requirements.

He gave the court his word that Agradaa wouldn’t flee and would show up for all court dates. However, Agradaa is still being held by police until the adjourned date, which is today, November 11.

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Bail application

The court granted Agradaa, who was detained on October 9 of this year, bail in the amount of GH 50,000 with three sureties.

The three sureties for the bond must all be government employees making at least GH2,000 per month in order to comply with the bail requirements established by the court presided over by Samuel Bright Acquah.

She also had to go to the police station every Wednesday.

She, however, entered a not guilty plea to six counts of defrauding by false pretense and one count of charlatanic marketing.

Not ready

Sylvester Asare, the deputy superintendent of police (DSP) and state prosecutor, said that the prosecution had not yet received the verdict regarding the acceptance of her bail sureties.

Although the court registrar had approved her sureties, DSP Asare continued, more research and vetting were required by the police before the bail could be approved.

According to DSP Asare, the police were awaiting information from the Controller and Accountant General’s Department, which was scheduled to release its findings by day’s end.

Bail variation

The state prosecutor objected to the defense attorney’s request for a bail variation, stating that a bail application was not one that should be made according to the convenience of the accused and that granting bail was about being just and not convenient.

He continued by saying that the attorney should properly request a bail variation from the appropriate authorities if they did, in fact, desire one.

“What the court did was just, and by the end of today, we will know the outcome of the document that is currently in the controller’s possession. They should appear officially if they want a bail variation, he continued.

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