Accusing others of witchcraft can lead to jail or fines

During an educational session on The Big Agenda program on Adom TV, Lawyer Agbotey discussed the issue of individuals capturing videos of alleged witches and publishing their faces, a practice that has raised concerns about violating the rights of the victims.

He suggested that such actions could result in imprisonment for three years or a fine of not less than one thousand Ghana cedis.

The incident that prompted this discussion involved residents claiming that one of their neighbors was suffering from an unknown illness, and they accused the individual of being a witch.

In some cases, family members of the accused individuals have come forward to assert that their loved ones were actually suffering from mental disorders or dementia, highlighting the sensitivity and complexity of such situations.

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Lawyer Agbotey emphasized that capturing and publishing videos of alleged witches infringes upon their fundamental human rights and could be classified as defamation or slander.

He expressed his strong disapproval of such actions and highlighted the legal consequences for those engaging in such behavior.

Regarding the idea of establishing a witchcraft court in Ghana, Mr. Agbotey disagreed, stating that dealing with spiritual matters in a court of law would be challenging.

He raised concerns about obtaining evidence in such cases and questioned the feasibility of trying spiritual matters in a legal setting.


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