Aboakyere Tropical Beach Rave will be presented by LEVEL3 in association with Sunset Beach 2.

This 8-Day Mega Pack Event will take place during the week of the Aboakyere Celebrations on the coast of Winneba, as decided by LEVEL3 and Sunset Beach 2. 

The “ABOAKYERE TROPICAL BEACH RAVE” is the name of the event, and it will take place LIVE! inside SIR CHARLES BEACH. 

It is an 8-Day Mega Event that will start on May 1 and last until May 8; each day will feature exciting events. 

The daily event packets are listed below;

May Day Akwabaa Play on May 1



The event is known as Akwabaa Play since it is scheduled to begin on May 1 and falls on a public holiday. 

Caribbean Backyard Bonfire Night is on May 2


This series of events will also take place in the evening, with a bonfire set up for singles and couples to gather around and make love while enjoying having fun. 

BBQ/Chicken & Beer Play on May 3rd



This play is intended to be enjoyed while chewing and drinking. There will be too much barbecue and chicken, plus cocktails. There will be a variety of drinks available at the pub, but remember to drink responsibly.

Party in Lemon Green on May 4.


The predominant hue on that day, including the drinks and the clothing you’ll wear to the party, is lemon green. 

California Gets Wet on May 5

The event’s name is self-explanatory; we shall enjoy swimming. Bring your swimsuits and beach clothing with you so you may enjoy yourself.

Amapiano Xperience on May 6. 


Through the dancing and music of South Africa, we will learn about their “Amapiano” culture. So come that day and showcase your abilities. 

First Service Fufu Party and Second Service Open House Party on May 7.

Last but not least, this event package includes two events: a fufu party and an open house party. Come and taste the best locally produced fufu as well as the house party.

Connect & Collect on May 8


This is the final batch of the event, and as the name indicates, you should strive to interact with people from all backgrounds, especially if you’re single and hoping to meet the appropriate person.

Remember that this event will include some of the top DJs in the country and that admission is free! So instead of staying in your apartments and hostels out of boredom, come join us for a wild party. 

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