A woman with HIV confesses selling sobolo mixed with her infected blood

An unknown woman who was recently affected with HIV spoke up about how she spreads the disease by mixing her contaminated blood with the zobo (sobolo) drink she sells.

She confessed her nefarious activities on Wednesday night when she called into a radio show on Wazobia FM called MarketRunz.

In a social media-trending video, the show’s hosts pleaded with viewers, particularly traders, to call in and admit wrongdoings in the marketplace that customers are unaware of but also ashamed of.

Speaking in pidgin English, “I went to the hospital six months ago and was told I had HIV,” the woman stated. I made the decision to not die alone because I lack the funds for therapy. I began adding my blood to the zobo I produce to sell, and I sell it to plenty of people.

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I use a syringe to draw my blood and mix it with the zobo, she continued. I used to be a nurse, but I had to stop after getting the HIV diagnosis.

“I’m not pleased with what I did, but I’m glad that I won’t pass away by myself. I’ve been doing it for the past six months, and I ask God to forgive me.

Watch video:

In case you didn’t know, fruits are used to flavor and create sobolo, which is made from Hibiscus leaves.

Numerous Nigerians have responded on different social media sites to voice their outrage.

One user wrote: “Well If the aim was to transmit the virus, it was just a waste of time. The pH of the zobo drink would denature the virus. Not to talk about the acidic pH of the stomach of the consumer.”

Another wrote: “The main reason I stopped taking that shit called zobo for over 17years now. People are wicked out there.”

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