Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

A teacher killed his three children in a well in Volta Region

A teacher killed his three children in a well in Volta Region

A 42-year-old government teacher has been arrested by the police after killing his two boys and a daughter in the Volta Region’s Akatsi North District.

Kwaku Dordor, a teacher at a government school, drowned his own children in a well at his residence in order to kill them.

The incident occurred while his wife, who gave birth a few months prior, was living with her mother after giving birth.

According to reports, Kwaku Dordor drowned his three children yesterday at around one in the morning at their home when they were all still asleep.

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One by one, he dropped them into the well, watched them until they died, and then did the same with the next until he had killed them all.

Kwaku Dordor also attempted suicide by hanging himself in the well after realizing he was about to be detained by the police but failed to do so.

He spent about two hours dangling from the rope in the well until a woman who had come to gather water earlier in the day discovered him.

His children were later declared dead by medical professionals, but he was eventually saved by the police and taken to the hospital.

Since then, the three kids’ remains have been placed in the morgue for additional examination.

Kofi Dordor, who acknowledged to killing his own children during questioning, claimed the police it was the devil’s doing after being questioned.

The oldest son is ten (10) years old, the second is seven (7) years old, and the youngest boy, a daughter, is four (4) years old.

Since then, the parents of the slain children have warned the police and physicians not to ever disclose Kwaku Dordor’s mental illness.