A first-class University of Ghana, Legon graduate who owns many bars and holds two master’s degrees.

A first-class University of Ghana, Legon graduate who owns many bars and holds two master’s degrees.

The majority of the time, persons who pursue higher degrees like master’s or PhD are thought of as ambitious people who want to advance in their line of work or possibly pursue a career in academia.

Jennifer Appiah-Danquah is a graduate with a bachelor’s degree and two master’s degrees, but she does not work in business or teach at a university.

The boss woman proudly owns a number of beauty businesses and makes a living by making women feel and look nice.

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What’s the big deal about a business lady having two master’s degrees, one would wonder.

It is extremely uncommon in the Ghanaian community to see even a university graduate who only has their first degree in the hairdressing industry, much less those with doctorate degrees.

A JSS or SHS alum typically takes on the well-known endeavor. The reports that despite having a wide range of professional alternatives thanks to her education, Jennifer choose to own beauty salons. gh spoke with her to learn the reasons behind it, how it got started, and how business has gone.

Jennifer grew up dreaming of donning a white coat and saving lives like many Ghanaian kids, but reality had other plans for her. She enrolled in Mfantsiman Girls’ Senior High School to begin her secondary school with the goal of achieving her dreams, but an illness she developed caused everything to alter.

“I became seriously unwell and continued attending Labone Senior High School during the day in order to help my mother keep track of my health. I read general art there along with elective math, geography, and economics “she revealed.

She overcame her illness, finished high school with honors, and was accepted to the University of Ghana, Legon, where she majored in Philosophy, Religion, and Psychology. She said she ended up studying in psychology and she really like it.

Legon opened her first beauty parlor before enrolling in the University of Ghana. Just before she began her university studies, Jennifer suffered a significant loss when she regretfully lost her father. Her mother had surgery at about the same time and was unable to work. Jennifer came up with the concept for opening a hair salon in an effort to make the best of a terrible circumstance. She explained.

“I received several financial gifts from friends and family after my father’s funeral. Additionally, my mother’s illness prevented her from returning to run the store she owned in East Legon, so I persuaded her to hand over the premises to me. With the money I had earned, I used it to buy wigs, cosmetics, and other items from Makola to sell “she declared.

The young woman’s business was a success, and she soon began to make a nice living. Clients asked her to install the wigs for them during the process, but she lacked the necessary hairdressing abilities. Fortunately, she had a hairdressing relative. She accepted to join the company after speaking with her. When the demand increased after they had been working together for a while, the business-savvy lady made use of a plot of land near to the shop. There, she erected a container and grew the company.

She carried on operating her salon until she was granted admission to the University of Ghana, at which point she jogged between the two. She gave an illustration of how some of her days were spent running a business while attending school; “When I was in school, I recall having to go wake people up early in the morning before running erratically to campus to take tests. I occasionally had to rush to Accra Central immediately following lessons to get supplies for the shop”, she said. Jennifer had a strong work ethic and was committed to her academic and professional goals. Her effective time management allowed her to succeed academically while growing her company to the point that she launched branches in Pantang and Oyarifa.

The need for two master’s degrees would be questioned if the company was booming and she kept growing.

Beginning an MPhil program at the University of Ghana and going to the UK to pursue a master’s degree

A first-class University of Ghana, Legon graduate who owns many bars and holds two master's degrees.

You see, clever Jennifer enjoyed her program and excelled at it, therefore she graduated from university with first-class honors in it. She decided to pursue a Mphil in Industrial Psychology as a result immediately following her one-year of required national duty as a teaching assistant.

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