90 Ghanaians deported from Dubai arrive in Ghana

Between May 19 and 20, 2023, a total of approximately 90 Ghanaians, who had been residing unlawfully in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), arrived back in Ghana.

The returnees were divided into two batches and were transported by Emirates and Ethiopian Airlines.

Upon their arrival at Kotoka International Airport, they underwent the necessary procedures conducted by the Ghana Immigration Service before being handed over to the National Investigation Bureau (NIB) for further actions and investigations.

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According to a reliable source, has verified that a significant number of these individuals had embarked on their journey to Dubai through deceitful recruitment agents, while others had overstayed their visas.

It has been discovered that approximately 431 Ghanaians still remain in Dubai, with a portion of them currently detained due to their involvement in the false promises made by these agents who facilitated their illegal entry into the country.

These migrants were led to believe that they would secure highly lucrative employment opportunities, only to be confronted with a starkly contrasting reality upon their arrival.

Insiders within the Ghana Immigration Service have disclosed that additional deportees are expected to return to Ghana in the following days, as the present number of arrivals represents only a fraction of the total anticipated figure.

Notably, last year, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration (MFARI) made a statement acknowledging the detention of 431 Ghanaians in Dubai, UAE.

Among them were 341 males, 88 females, and two children below the age of three. These individuals had been enticed by unscrupulous agents who offered them jobs in Dubai and other cities within the UAE.

Presently, these Ghanaian nationals are being held at the Al Tawadi Medical Centre and the Immigration Centre in Dubai, alongside an unspecified number of other African migrants who find themselves in a similar predicament.

The MFARI declared that the government of Ghana is actively collaborating with UAE authorities to ensure the safe repatriation of these stranded citizens back to their home country.

The efforts being made aim to alleviate the hardships faced by these individuals and provide them with the necessary support and assistance they require upon their return.

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