52 offenders caught in Accra West over illegal electricity connections

The Electricity Company of Ghana Ltd (ECG), Accra West Region, has discovered that 52 customers were involved in different types of illegal connections. As a result of their illegal activities, the customers did not pay for the electricity they used, which deprived the Company of much-needed revenue. The illegalities identified included meter bypass, meter tampering, and direct connections. During the Company’s ongoing exercise to retrieve all debts owed to it and monitor the health of its meter installations, the identification and arrest of these customers were made within the first ten days. The customers illegally used about 550,000kWh of electricity, which is equivalent to about GHc750,000, according to the Company’s records.

The Revenue Protection Manager, Dr Mark Owusu Ansah, praised the field team’s vigilance in uncovering the illegalities and stated that some cases would be handed over to the police for prosecution, depending on the gravity of the offense. The power to these customers has been disconnected, and they have been surcharged for the electricity they used without paying, as well as charged a penalty fee for engaging in illegal activities. Since March 20, 2023, staff of the ECG have been visiting all customers to demand payment of debts owed to the Company and audit the health of its meter installations.

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Mr Emmanuel Akinie, the ECG Accra West General Manager, said the Company was investing heavily in technology to identify customers who engaged in illegalities. The Company has introduced some smart meter solutions on a pilot basis that provide real-time updates on what is happening on a customer’s premises. Once the meter-case is opened, bypassed or tampered with, it signals the office immediately. Plans are underway to roll out more of these smart meters to aid in the fight against illegal activities. The Accra West region comprises eight operational districts.

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