3 revenue bills passed by Parliament

The three revenue proposals were approved by a vote of 136-137 on Friday, March 30.

The legislation are the Growth and Sustainability Amendment Bill, the Excise Duty Amendment Bill, and the Income Tax Amendment Bill.

To boost domestic earnings, the government is aiming to generate about GH4 billion annually.

yesterday pleaded with Parliament to approve the three legislation in order to facilitate the agreement Ghana is attempting to reach under the (IMF).

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On March 30, he stated at a seminar in Accra, Ghana, “Our Parliament will pass these legislation before the end of the week and it would not be perceived as treason to any party.

Thus, dear Ghanaians, may I say that we are a blessed country… We are a blessed country, and I believe that more than ever.

“I visited China a week ago to discuss support for an IMF program with their finance minister and many organizations, and the Lord undoubtedly went before us.

“Ghana is a large country, and the finance minister is a large guy, but the Chinese finance minister spoke with the Ghana team for about an hour and a half.

Not only did he do that, but he also invited the chairman of the Exim Bank of China to join him and discuss how they might help ensure that we completed our IMF transaction.

“America is prepared for us, as evidenced by the presence of Kamala Harris, Germany, the European Union, and the Fund.

We can’t be shooting ourselves in the foot, can we?

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