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20years old mother buries her baby alive

20years old mother buries her baby alive

Police in eastern Uganda’s Busia District are looking for a 20-year-old woman accused of burying her 10-month-old kid alive after having an argument with her boyfriend.

According to reports, Sharon Anyango, a cohabiting peasant from Luhalali village in Buhehe Sub-county in the Busia District, killed her son Humphrey Bwire on Wednesday after having an argument with her lover Tobias Ouma.

Speaking for the Buki South Region Police, Mr. Moses Mugwe said the matter was reported to police by a Luhalali Village resident who discovered a recent tomb next to a marsh.

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According to reports, Anyango has been living with Tobias Ouma of Natongo village in the Buhehe Sub-county. Their bond soured, and their argument turned violent. As a result, Anyango went back to her family’s residence in the village of Luhalali. She tried to toss the baby in a pit toilet out of frustration, but the other residents and neighbors stopped her. She later vanished along with the infant, who was discovered buried nearby a swamp in the same area, according to Mr. Mugwe.

The baby’s body was found in the marsh, according to the police spokesman, and was then transferred to Busia Municipal Health Center IV for an autopsy as further investigation was conducted.

According to Mr. Mugwe, the baby’s autopsy results showed that it died.

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