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No words can adequately express the joy of the 2023 Back to Your Village, Food Bazaar, according to Charles Owusu Kumi.

The tastiest meals are cooked by grandmothers in Ghana. This writer claims that this is an undisputed fact, therefore if you disagree, I’m afraid I can’t really be of much assistance.

Imagine that after removing the brode ampesi (plantain) from the fire, granny empties half of the hot water from the cooking pot and then refills it with cold water, allowing the cooked plantain to soak in the lukewarm water for a few minutes while still in its prime.

For many Ghanaians, this is not just fantasy; they have experienced these moments with various healthy dishes in their villages. However, the fast-paced city life would not allow them to continue eating these meals, which is where the “Back to Your Village” Food Bazaar comes to the rescue.

Ghana was born in March. The nation gained independence from British colonial authority on March 6, 1957. Citi FM and Citi TV have designated the month as a legacy Month to honor this, showcasing Ghana’s rich cultural legacy to the outside world. What better method to highlight a people’s culture than through their cuisine, drinks, and snacks are there during the Heritage Month activities?

The ‘Back To Your Village’ Food Bazaar was established in this manner.

A two-day event that serves as a one-stop shop for all things Ghanaian food, drink, and snacks from the North to the South and from the East to the West. The 2023 edition, which took place on March 25 and 26, at the courtyard of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly, far exceeded expectations. I guarantee that the around 96 sellers who displayed a variety of foods and beverages got their money’s worth.

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There was a sizable contingent from the south of the country. Fufu, a popular food, apapransa, which I believe tastes best the next day, and foods from the North, like tuo zaafi, are all on the menu. The Tuo Zaafi Hajia made at the Food Bazaar was the ‘bomb, and I hope my mother doesn’t see this because she makes pretty good Tuo Zaafi. So much food was on display, and oh there were traditional drinks too; asana, sobolo, palm wine and hey I found myself drinking from a bottle of roots immersed into a certain ‘liquid’ and all I can say is that it was good.

The Citi FM/Citi TV ‘Back To Your Village’ Food Bazaar was the best place to be on March 25 and 26 if you love people. Approximately 8,000 families and friends attended the two days of the event. Families had a place to congregate, socialize, form connections, and pass the time at the bazaar. If you enjoy dancing, don’t miss the event the next year because it was a hit. After finishing this article, I bet you’ll go to YouTube and look up “Back to your village food Bazaar 2023” to see what type of jam you missed out on.

The “Kwan Pa” and “Dromo Naa” bands played the song. The top traditional Ghanaian folklore bands include these groups. Dromo Naa serenaded us with genuine Ga music while Kwan pa entertained customers with Akan rhythm and lyrics.

Oh my goodness, you should have been there when they sang the Hearts of Oak song! You can criticize me for being biased, but we both understand the song is spiritual.

Let me share with you my one regret about the 2023 Back To Your Village Food Bazaar before you go see the footage on CitiTube on YouTube.
I simply didn’t have enough money to cover my expenses, but I have already begun saving for 2024! I urge you to follow suit, and let’s enjoy ourselves at the Back To Your Village Food Bazaar in 2024. I’ll see you there, buddy!

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