20 students of Yendi Health Assistance Training School suspended for malpractice

A group of approximately 20 first-year students attending Yendi Health Assistance Training School, located in the Northern region, found themselves facing disciplinary action due to their involvement in examination malpractice.

The school authorities took swift action and suspended these students for varying durations, ranging from one month to one year, depending on the severity of their offense.

In addition to the student suspensions, the authorities discovered that two teachers from the school were responsible for instigating and facilitating the malpractice.

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Recognizing the gravity of their actions, the school administration made the decision to expel the two teachers from their positions.

This strong response from the school aims to deter any future instances of examination malpractice and to uphold the integrity of the institution.

However, a few of the affected students have taken the initiative to appeal their suspensions.

Understanding the implications of their actions and the impact on their academic progress, they have approached the college authorities to request a reduction in the length of their suspensions.

These students hope for a second chance to redeem themselves, return to school, and resume their studies without significant disruption.

One student, speaking anonymously to Citi News, disclosed that she received a two-month suspension as a consequence of her involvement in the malpractice.

With a genuine desire to rectify her mistake and continue her education, she made a plea to the school authorities to consider reducing the duration of her punishment.

She expressed her eagerness to return to school alongside her fellow students, emphasizing the importance of learning from their errors and moving forward in a more responsible manner.

The appeals made by the affected students highlight their recognition of the seriousness of their actions and their willingness to accept the consequences.

They hope for a fair assessment of their individual circumstances and a compassionate reconsideration of their suspensions, enabling them to make amends and continue their educational journey.

The Yendi Health Assistance Training School administration now faces the challenging task of reviewing the appeals and making decisions that balance the need for discipline with the students’ desire to learn and progress academically.

It is essential for the authorities to carefully consider each case, taking into account the circumstances and individual remorse expressed by the students.

The outcome of these appeals will ultimately shape the academic future of the students involved and demonstrate the school’s commitment to maintaining academic integrity and fostering a culture of responsibility among its student body.

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